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Cook up to 4 different dishes at the same time: no odour mixing and maximum flexibility

From appetizers to dessert all at once

The feature offers a unique level of flexibility that allows consumers to prepare up to four dishes at the same time without mixing the flavours. When the function is activated, the powerful heating element and the airflow distribution system work together to evenly heat the oven cavity and constantly recirculate the air to ensure perfect results as well as considerable time and energy savings.

Select one of the Cook4 special functions and cook four dishes simultaneously. To cook four different recipes together, choose the Cook4 menu, put everything in the oven at the same time and take out the dishes when they are done, so you only have to cook for one hour and not four. Each meal will come out perfectly delicious, keeping their own flavours and aromas.

Infinite flexibility

The generosity of Cook4 provides unmatched flexibility: if you have plenty of guests Cook4 allows you to cook up to four of the same dishes together. With the Cook4 pizza, Cook4 cookies and Cook4 pie functions dishes can be placed and removed from the oven at the same time. Cook four different or identical meals all at once: the choice is yours !

Infinite flexibility

Improved motor speed

New rear oven cavity and improved motor speed (+ 50%) provide adequate ventilation to cook evenly on four levels.

Improved motor speed

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