Freshness, up to
4 times longer.**

The 6TH SENSE Fresh Control advanced sensors constantly monitors temperature and humidity levels inside the entire fridge cavity, restoring the conservation temperature up to 5 times faster***, actively setting the right humidity level. An intelligent algorithm drives the compressor and fan independantly, to make sure ideal conditions are restored and maintained at all times.

Ideal for fresh meat and fish.

The integrated Activ0° compartment is specifically designed to preserve fish and meat at ideal 0° temperature. The drawer can also be simply turned off and used for normal storage.

Defrosting in just one minute.

The StopFrost device collects frost and defrosting takes just 1 minute by cleaning the shelf under the tap. Freeing your freezer from frost has never been so easy.

Stylish and flexible inside.

Food is easier to store, thanks to the innavative interior design. You have a combination of both shelf and bottle racks to improve the space optimization in the door.

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